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HVAC Technician

Referencia : 2796


Experience and Minimum Criteria:

  • Minimum 03 years experience as HVAC Technicien in drilling industry

Required Certifications:

  • Certificate of Speciality
  • Firefighting Training certificate
  • Fist Aid Training certificate – Level 1
  • Gesture and posture training certificate
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Subsea Supervisor

Pétroleo & Gaz
Referencia : 3118

Control, co-ordinate and supervise subsea operations in the field, detecting and adjusting any possible deviations, taking into consideration Safety and Environment policies in accordance with the well program. Working with a range of mature assets the Subsea Supervisor must be capable of advanced diagnostics and problem solving.

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Drilling Superintendent

Pétroleo & Gaz
Referencia : 3114

The Drilling Superintendent is accountable for planning and executing all aspects of the drilling program; the health and safety of all personnel, and protection of the environment.