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The SERVICE of Offshore Fluids & Cement Supervisor encompasses mainly the following parts:

– Ensure that Company and Contractor HSE standards are fully respected.

– Ensure that Fluids, Cement and Drilling Waste programs and procedures are available, understood and adhered by the involved night shift personnel.

– Follow up operations on different rigs including potential moving from rig to rig as per the field operations needs.

– Participate in writing the technical and operational debriefings.

– Adhere to Fluids & Cement Supervisor’s instructions to manage the Fluids, Cement and Waste Services in the field, by night shift. Coordinate actions between the different involved night shift parties, in order to ensure that the best procedures are followed.

– Regular communication with the F&C Superintendant – once a day minimum

– Verify service companies reporting prior to be submitted to the representative on the rig.

– Report any Waste Management package or Solids Control Equipment failure or non-conformance services.

– Participate in the onsite cementing programs preparation.

– Participate in preparing the phase recap and cementing report

– Ensure that completed and validated KPI’s ( mud, cement and WM ), phase reports, cementing reports, TCC phase reports are submitted to FEC Department at the end of each interval hole section.

– Ensure that all Environmental End of Well reports are completed and validated prior to be submitted to FEC department, at the end of each completed well.

– Complete and finalize the NPT tracking report.

– Participate in preparing and finalizing the 6 months ODMP (Operational Discharge Management Plan) and the monthly Waste management KPI’s that is required

– Complete and finalize Mud, cement and WM annual reports that are requested by HQ.

– Initiate the preparation of the SQM’s by providing offshore feedback to the F&C Superintendent.

Qualifications/Experience required:

– The position requires a qualified and experienced Engineer, which has been exposed to drilling operations.

– Must be qualified to work Offshore with valid BST, HUET and medical certificates

– Must be able to work independently and proactively.

– A good command of English is mandatory.

– Be a team player. Good communication skills to participate in improving the fluids management on rig locations.

– Be able to participate in achieving the company's objectives through a good coordination between all parties involved.

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