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Drilling Superintendent

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Job Level Senior

Job Description Drilling Superintendent

Reports to Drilling Manager

Work Scheme 28 X 28

Total Experience 15 - 20 years

Experience in Algeria > 10 years if the experience is in Berkine basin will be a plus

Experience in Depleted reservoir (will be considered as a plus)

The main duties related to this position are:

· Responsible for all drilling and other well operations at the rig site.

· Directs rig-down and move out of drilling equipment.

· Manages field drilling operations to accomplish specified drilling objectives within agreed-on time and cost objectives.

· Position requires current IADC or IWCF well control certification.

· Manage drilling operations in order to maximise return on exploration and development expenditures.

· Understands objectives of the well construction operation and takes actions required to accomplish the objective.

· Responsible for all rig operations and reporting and protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, and the general public from harm resulting from operations

· Responsible for move-in and rig up of drilling rigs.

· Directs drilling processes such as drilling, circulating, running casing, cementing, well logging, and formation testing.

· Coordinates work of product services lines and subcontractors including rig contractor to meet engineered well design.

· Supervises day-to-day field operations at the rig site

· Protects the environment from damage resulting from operations

· Schedule and co-ordinate all resources.

· Implement safety and environmental policies.

· Encourage continuous improvement.

· Manage daily activities of drilling operations in accordance with Company Policies and local Legislation

· Ensure HSE Emergency Response Systems is developed, documented, tested with simulation exercises and the Drilling Team is capable of responding to HSE emergencies.

· Observe all Company HSE instructions, act in a safe manner and avoid unnecessary risks to themselves and others.

· Immediately report any unsafe conditions or activities, dangerous occurrences or injuries in the workplace(s).

· Assist new employees in the use of relevant work procedures and practises in order to ensure their safety and the safety of all employees.

3- Special Challenges

· Working on Oil & Gas exploration and development Projects worldwide and specially in Algeria.

· Deep well fields (+/- 18000 ft)

· Working with a diverse range of contractors and vendors.

4- Skills Required

The following list of skills is required for the position:

· No University Degree is needed, but a Petroleum Engineering degree is a plus

· Minimum of 20 years of experience in Drilling and Workover activities with a combination of operational and business assignments.

· Well Control Certification.

· Experience in team leadership in a development project.

· Prior experience with high pressure and sour gas wells.

· Experience in field with wells greater than 18000 ft.

· Good skills with PC in Windows environment.

· Must be able to communicate efficiently with various operational units.

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