Drilling Safety Coach

Referencia : 2988

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 2×4






Exhibit a sound knowledge of discipline, the organization's systems, and provide a satisfactory level of competence in identified behaviors and skills required.


Exhibit strong teamwork, communication, attention to details and problem solving skills.




 Contribute in ensuring compliance with both regulations and company procedures;


 Identify risks to people and the environment, and mitigate them so they are as low as reasonably practicable.


Proactively identify ways to continuously improve HSE performance.


Transfer experiences, good and bad, which could lead to continuous improvement of HSE performance.







The main role of the Safety Coach is to support and guide the offshore operational management team within health, safety and environmental topics. The Safety Coach shall act as a role model for safe behavior and focus on continous improvement of the safety culture. The Safety Coach role is an independent function and is part of the operator’s



Execution of Work:




 The Safety Coach shall:


• Be a coach for offshore management in the execution of their HSE roles


• Contribute to increase the safety awareness among all personnel


• Active participation and leadership in the Observation Card process


• Assist in the review of reported incidents and investigations


• Assist in registering selected HSE incidents and accidents in the company's Synergi


• Co-operate with Nurse, doing safety inductions for new personnel


• Participate in Morning Calls, give input on HSE performance, issues and trends


• Participate in the HSE report of OpenWells Software


• Participate in HSE meetings on- and offshore


• Participate in CoW meeting in the afternoon


• Participate in weekly safety inspections


• Prioritize time out in the field coaching, focusing on risk understanding and risk handling during work tasks and operations


• Attending Toolbox Talks, SJA and PTW meetings


• Discuss upcoming trip with Drilling Superintendent prior prior to going offshore Attendance in meetings must be based on availability and priority. The Safety Coach shall not:


• Relive, nor take over the line management of their normal responsibilities


• Be the author of any rig specific procedures or independently authorize and implement safety routines


Any substantial disagreements shall be brought forward to the RNAS onshore team.

The Safety Coach shall provide a Trip Report during each 2- week rotation. The OIM and the DSV shall be provided with a copy of the Trip Report, and may want to provide comments or suggestions prior to sending it to the onshore HSE Advisor. The Trip Report will include, but is not restricted to, the following components:


• Tour summary


• Reporting trends (Observation Cards)


• PTW verification


• Lessons learned


• Follow up/ suggestions In addition to the formal report, the Safety Coach shall prepare handover notes, and carry out a formal handover prior to crew change- as per normal protocols (e.g. email and phone call prior to crew change). The trip report may be a component of the handover notes.

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