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Day Drilling & Completion Supervisor

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Purpose of Job

To act as the Company’s representative for well construction activities.To execute well operations as per approved programs, supervising contractors and specialist personnel in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner and in accordance with company’s requirements and regulations. Ensure that data and information are collected and correctly transferred. Suggest on the most effective methods and technologies aimed at improving safety and performancesofthe well operations.

Main Accountabilities

The position holder is responsible for operational implementation of the approved programs at the rig site and to fulfil requirements tied with execution of contracts with contractors and Suppliers.Responsible for gathering, controlling and transmission of company’s reports.Provide skilled advice in case of problems arising at the ell site; more specifically:

  • Supervise Contractors in the day by day execution of all drilling, testing, completion and other programmes aimed at the construction of wells as foreseen by the relevant programs.
  • Ensure that all activities and objectives are met in safe and cost effective manner.
  • Co-ordinate and provide the necessary leadership in carrying out all the activities with respect to the various programmes.Co-ordinate the collection of all subsurface,operational & rig site data to be transmitted back to company’s base and ensure the correctness of content and quality of such data.Compute the day by day operations cost estimate
  • Liasie with the contractor’s Rig Superintendent with a view to keeping him fully abreast of current drilling and associated activity and make him aware of any condition which may influence safety and operabillity of the rig. Ensurem in co-ordination with the well Operations Superintendent , that all necessary services , equipment and materials needed to carry out the planned operations procured in due time , avoiding delays and down time.
  • Continually monitor the effectiveness of the ongoing operational process and report on same.
  • Suggest and discuss any changes which may be required to the programme , with a view to improvement .
  • Ensure that preformance of Service Contractors, in respect of personnel skills, efficiency of equipment, quality of work, delivered results, safety and environmental attention, is in accordance with the contract terms;Evaluate and report on the Contractors performances
  • Ensure tha drilling Contractor and Service Contractors, delivery and Service Tickets are duly prepared and sign/endorse to allow the proper cost and Invoices control qnd approval
  • To take prompt actions and notify the well operations Superintendent , in the case of unplanned events on the well to safeguard life and minimise damage tto properties and any detrimental effect on the environment
  • Analyse all operational problems in order to understand causes and prpose to the reporting the most effective Implement and monitor on the risk reduction programmes ,if any
  • Participate in risk analyses /assessments, identifying potential hazards and proposing risk reduction measures as far as practicably possible
  • Reviews the well programme, with a view to identify qnd propose means to avoid hazardous operations,condition, unsafe operating practices.
  • Perform , in conjunction/co-ordination with the drilling Contractor Representative/s,drills and exercises with a view to monitor and assess contractors emergency response performance.
  • If required,provide training support of local engineers/supervisons.
  • Ensure that hand over notes are prepared and allow for a smooth continuation of the operation at turn over.

Required Competencies

  • Knowledge of Drilling Rigs and Systems.
  • Familiar with all the well control techniques (theory qnd practise).
  • Knowledge of h2S drilling/testing hazards,circulation losses problems, overpressure drilling.
  • Knowledge of logistic aspects related to on-shore well operations.
  • Knowledge of advanced drilling operational techniques.Familiar with testing/completion operations.
  • Aware of issues related to climate operational environment.
  • Computer literate, with the scope of producing reports and organize/ analyze well data.
  • Team player, capable of working with professionals from different organizations.
  • Fluent in English language.

Qualifications & experience

  • Qualified to degree level in technical/engineering discplines.
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in drilling and /or well testing/completion/work over operations preferably off-shore.
  • In possession of valid certificates (IWCF Level 4 certificate, H2S…etc)
  • Experience of working in sour environment.
  • Experience of drilling through loss circulation zones and carbonate reservoirs.
  • Knowledge of testing/completion issued of highly productive wells.
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