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Workover Derrickman

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The Derrickman is an experienced worker who is a member of a drilling and/or workover team. He has received training and authorization to act as a Derrickman. He reports directly to the Head of Post any functional or operational anomalies on the site.


1. General Security


At the start of each shift, a safety meeting will be held and organized in turn by all the staff. This safety meeting will be written and recorded in the notebook provided for this purpose in order to have support for procedural changes.

1.1. Safety meeting


At the start of each shift, a safety meeting will be held and organized in turn by all the staff. This safety meeting will be written and recorded in the notebook provided for this purpose in order to have support for procedural changes.


1.2. Pre-job meeting

Before each operation classified as non-routine, a "Pre-job meeting" (PJM) will be held and organized by the Head of Shift or the Assistant to the Head of Shift.

A Pre-job meeting is an important and unavoidable meeting at the place of the operation to be carried out with all the people concerned by the operation to be carried out.

The points discussed during this meeting are:

– The presentation of the operation to be carried out.

–  The organization to be put in place so that the operation is carried out in complete safety.

– The roles and responsibilities of each.

–  The potential risks associated with this operation.

–  The preparations to be made upstream before starting the said operation.

– Communication between the different stakeholders….


1.3. Hooker Attitude

–  Carry out all the maneuvers at the attachment platform.

– Take responsibility for the measurements and controls of the drilling mud and/or the completion fluid and ensure the treatments according to the precise instructions of the fluid technician.

– Ensure the maintenance of the hydraulic part of the mud circuit pumps.

– Actively participate in the assembly and disassembly of the drilling rig/work-over.

– Being able to take certain initiatives within the framework of his duties and knowing in particular the operation of the shutters.

–  Make sure to continue to acquire better technical and general knowledge in order to be able to access the responsibility of Assistant to the Head of Post.


1.4. Working license

The purposes of the work permit are:

– To prepare an operation with all the entities of the construction site

–  Analyze the risks before starting an operation

– To ensure that the work to be carried out does not interfere with other operations / work

–  To make the people involved aware of their roles and responsibilities in carrying out the said operation.


For all the following work (non-exhaustive list), it is mandatory to open an internal work permit.

✓        Mud production.

✓        Switching to Caustic Soda Hoopers

✓        Interior cleaning of pools.

✓        Mast control.

✓        Greasing of the crown block.

It is imperative to close each open work permit at the end of each intervention.


2. Work organization

•             At the beginning of each shift, carry out a round of the mud area and check the points of the daily check list in particular.

•             Carry out, once a week, a complete check of the mast according to the points of the corresponding check list.

•             Report any malfunction of the mud section and the attachment platform to the shift manager.


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