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Drilling Rig Manager

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· Ensure, in collaboration with the HSEQ Manager, the achievement of the HSEQ objectives set by the General Manager on the Drilling/Workover rigs for which he is responsible.

· Ensure, in consultation with the HSEQ Manager, that the HSEQ policy is in place and implemented on the Drilling/Workover rigs for which he/she is responsible.

· Directs and ensures the proper operation of the Drilling/Workover equipment under his/her authority.

· Ensure, in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources, the proper management of personnel and the follow-up of training.

· Validate in Base the invoicing of the devices and the monthly operations report.

1. Rig manager responsibilities

Make it a priority to ensure that the following items are implemented:

1.1. Leader and main actor of the HSEQ plan
  • Guarantee, in collaboration with the HSEQ Director, the HSEQ excellence policy set by the General Manager.
  • Review monthly, in agreement with the HSEQ Director, the implementation of the HSEQ plan and propose modifications to the General Management.
  • Encourage the systematic use of SAR cards.

Ensure that site personnel are active in the SAR program.

- Ensure that the tracking, analysis, and filing of SAR cards on the job site is consistent with client objectives.

- Validate and ensure, in agreement with the HSEQ Director, the implementation of compensatory measures if the degraded situations observed cannot be closed immediately.

- Ensure:

o The holding of "Pre-job meeting", Safety meeting, "Tool box meeting" before all operations and "debriefing" after all special and/or particular operations.

o Holding monthly safety meetings on site.

o The proper functioning of work permits.

o Conducting safety drills.

o Implementation of reporting tools: Near misses, Incidents / Accidents, Check lists, Daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly and annual audits.

o Follow-up of mandatory training.

o Monitoring and control of lifting equipment.

o Safety signage on the site.

o The proper maintenance of the safety register.

o Monitoring and improving general and specific procedures.

1.1. Representative of the Company
  • To ensure the smooth running of the sites entrusted to him in perfect cooperation with his Clients.
  • Act as the Company's contact with employees and third parties.
  • Report to the Base Manager on a daily basis on the progress of the projects and their technical, commercial and administrative progress.

Participate in the elaboration of instructions, have them carried out and ensure their application within the framework of the objectives that have been set.

1.2. Advanced Drilling / Workover / Pulling Technician

- Organize with the Site Managers the activities of the Drilling / Workover teams according to the established programs.

- Intervene, in the event of a serious incident, with the Site Manager and decide on the measures to be taken in agreement with the HSEQ Director.

- Take advantage of every opportunity to keep abreast of new techniques, to maintain and perfect his general knowledge in order to be able to effectively assist the Site Manager in all circumstances.

1.3. Site Manager
  • To ensure that maximum efficiency and profitability are achieved at all times.
  • To manage the Company's assets by ensuring the proper conservation of the same.
  • Elaborate, with the Base Manager and the General Manager, the operating budget of the units under his responsibility.
  • Send a monthly report to the Base Manager and the General Manager on the progress made on its devices and recommend corrective actions if necessary.

Recommend improvements and modifications to the installation.

- Conduct a quarterly review of the activities, maintenance, refurbishments, improvements and modifications of these rigs for the Subsidiary and General Management.

1.4. Personnel Manager
  • To create a team spirit and a healthy work environment. Make sure that all the personnel participate actively in the life of the site.
  • Conduct periodic appraisals of the staff under his/her supervision and help each one to progress to the best of his/her abilities.

Ensure the proper execution of staff training programs in agreement with the Human Resources Director.

1.5. Controller Billing and Monthly Operations Report
  • Monitor and validate the monthly invoicing of the devices for which he/she is responsible before sending it to the General Management for final validation. Validate the monthly operations report of the devices for which he is responsible.
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