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Client REP (Package IAC)

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As a general governing principle, the Client REP shall at all times :

– Ensure that the Work is carried out safely, and following Employer Requirements

– Represent the Employer’s best interests onboard.

– Stop the works if he considers the work cannot be carried out in a safe ways

– Act as the Focal point of communication between the Contractor’s vessel and the Employer;


Prior to his mobilisation onboard the vessel performing the Work, each Client REP shall have read, understood and be familiar with the following :

• Employer specifications and requirements, the scope of Work, the relevant method statements, ITP, Risk Assessments as required

• Contract clauses related to the execution of the Work, and in the perimeter defined in the Project

specific Job Description.

• Any other specific points of attention raised by the Project.

In addition, Client REP shall be familiar and skilled to achieve the following tasks as part of its role to assist and represent the Employer – more detailed activities to be defined in the JD:

• Coordinate vessel inspections, verify consistency and completeness of vessel compliance report

and implantation of all corrective measures.

•Supervise vessel trials and pre-operation tests and specific vessel preparation.

• Verify readiness of the vessel and the equipment before staring any operations

• Assist shore base to establish the Employer personnel rotation plan to cover the vessel campaign.

• Participates to hazard assessments for any activity involving the vessel.

• Verify completeness and consistency of the dossier of all deliverables/ documents/ procedures applicable and required for the Work.

Extract of Offshore Role catalogue / Project job descriptions –

• Verify completeness and consistency of all SIMOPS/COMOPS dossier required for dedicated

operations and coordinate with head quarter for any SIMOPS/COMOPS purpose.

• Ensure proper coordination with MWS as required prior to vessel mobilization.

• Verify Employer provided items availability for operations.

• Participate to the selection of representatives on-board the vessels

• Deliver Employers project safety brief / commitments to all vessel crew prior to commencing works.

As part of his role to supervise the Work, the Client REP will be responsible for the following tasks :

• Ensure that the work is carried out by the Contractor as per the approved method statements and associated risk assessments:

• Ensure that the weather limits are properly monitored as contractually defined & that it is properly

recorded in the contractor’s DPR.

• Ensure storage and transmission to the Employer of those parameters

• In case of procedures not being followed by the Contractor, follow the Contractor’s management

of change procedure and its implementation.

• Validate any change to these procedures and requirements as per applicable MOC specific


• Be responsible for NCR mechanism implementation by Employer on board vessel,

• Attend daily meetings with the Contractor and analyses progress of the works and validate all sequence/planning changes.

• Maintain and record all parameters relevant for the validation of satisfactory completion of the Work. including offshore as-built records satisfying the QA and final reporting requirements of the project on board vessel.

• Assess, report and declare satisfactory completion of the Work, with intermediate validation when applicable and following Project specific Certificate / ITP process of acceptance. When

applicable, list deviation, hold point and liaise with Employer for any outstanding items.

• Manage and coordinate MWS services activities on-board vessel.

• Review / comment / sign Contractor’s Daily Progress Reports (and more generally all Contractor’s documentation issued onboard);

As part of his role onboard, the Client REP shall :

• Liaise on a daily basis with offshore construction management of the Employer, as well as the

Installation coordinator of the package, following daily call / reporting as required by the Project

• Represent Employer towards potential third parties (maritime authorities, customs, visitors) coming onboard or at port-call;

• Follow up management of interface of all marine assets working on Site including Contractor,

third party vessels, support vessels, as well as Employer’s other Contractors vessels.

• Follow up, management of interface with all logistics support activities of Employer and any other party that could interfere with marine operations (inc. fisherman.)

• Track the Employer items on board and coordinate with relevant team representative for any

required purpose.

• Liaise with the Marine coordination to Prepare/validate the access permit as required.

• Coordinate Employer personnel transfer with onshore logistics.

In addition to the above list of actions, the ER shall carefully report any events occurring on the vessel and shall as a minimum :

• On a daily basis: fill internal Employer’s Daily Progress Report, with exhaustive comment that cannot be captured on Contractor’s DPR.

• Maintain and share a document with other CR onboard and the Package, to capture any

improvement, lesson learned, HSE observation along the operations onboard, and any proposal to add for future campaigns to increase efficiency of the operations.

• Maintain and share with other CR and the Package a file with all pictures taken onboard

• At each end of rotation, prepare a hand over dossier, with the full set of DPR, Observations, and documentation to be used by the new CR coming on board.

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