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Vibration analyst

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  • Conduct detailed analysis of routine vibration data collected on AMS 2140 Vibration Analysers in Emerson AMS Machinery Manager.
  • Commission and setup an Emerson AMS 2600 device with standalone recording function for investigating equipment issues and utilise as required.
  • Conduct Vibration Analysis to produce engineering reports identifying Root Cause Analysis, recommended corrective actions and maintenance improvements.
  • Revise and update Emerson AMS Machinery Manager Database to include modified routes, bearing information, alarm limits and fault frequencies.
  • Conduct vibration analysis and recommendation reports as part of the Nuclear Inservice Testing Program utilising ASME OM Code-2004.
  • Some work can be done remotely


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience conducting Vibration Analysis on Rotating Machinery.
  • Certified Category IV Vibration Analyst in accordance with ISO 18436-2 level 4
  • Provide personnel with experience of conducting vibration analysis on rotating equipment ranging from small pumps and fans to Main Power Generation Turbines.
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