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Piping Supervisor

Referencia : 3031

Global Project Operation

Global Field Operation Thermal

BOP Piping Supervisor:

Job location: installation job sites 

Contract duration: 1 year extendable

Rotation scheme: 8 weeks on, 11 days off

Job definition:

Working within the Global Field Operation organization, reporting to the GFO Thermal installation manager and the Site Manager / Construction Manager, the piping supervisor is in charge of the BOP- OFF BASE piping system pre-fabrication & installation for all the system feeding the GT/GEN shaft line equipment & associated auxiliaries in open & combined cycle plant configuration for extended scope or equipment only type projects in accordance with the EHS & quality standard, the schedule and the budget following Client compliance.


He works daily with the GFO site installation & commissioning team, partner & sub-contractors site team, with the GFO installation principal engineer and with the other GPO functions.


Job objectives :

       Prepare assignment before site mobilization. Installation documents : system PID, OFF BASE interconnection piping isometrics & supports, piping specification, mechanical equipment drawings for Gas Turbine, Generator and MSDs, including civil work, mechanical interface drawings, cleanliness criteria, site quality plan, installation schedule with systems TOP key dates, material logistic plan, tools & installation resources needs.

       Perform detailed material inventory of Client supplied material

       Collect material certificate of all piping components

       Review civil work interfaces conformity against Client drawing & specifications (piping supports, trenches, support structure…)

       Review mechanical interfaces conformity against Client drawing

       Anticipate & organise pre-fabrication and installation activities in accordance with schedule

       Review welding documents WPS, welder qualification before welding activities start

       Ensure PED compliance with SQS for all welding, NDT documents

       Supervise setting of GT/GEN auxiliaries skids / modules on foundation

       Supervise prefabrication in shop and installation on site of all BOP piping system & supports

       Provide technical recommendation on installation technique, tools, resources

       Share Lessons Learned and best practices

       Provide technical issues resolution with Client engineering using PAC and follow up action plan

       Ensure installation is performed in compliance with Client specifications

       Follow productivity and welding quality with SQS

       Follow welding map and NDT execution plan with SQS

       Prepare and supervise hydrotest execution plan

       Prepare and supervise flushing / air blows of all systems with commissioning to deliver clean system as per specification to meet cleanliness requirements

       Close monitoring of critical systems installation with FME plan

       Perform final inspection of all systems

       Participate to installation schedule progress review

       Order missing or damaged material and follow up material requests

       Document quality plan & inspection sheets timely and follow up red marked-up documentation

       Attend systems walk down for turn over to commissioning, follow up punch list item resolution

       Document means (personnel man-hours per discipline, cranes, scaffolding…) utilized during installation for future budget purpose

       Document cost of non-quality

       Issue progress report to the Construction manager or Site Manager and GFO Installation manager

       Participate to site coordination meeting

       Issue end of assignment report and edit Lessons Learned

Qualification :

       Employer Electrical certification level0 ; work at height certification; ATEX certification

       Ability to understand PID, piping isometric, civil work, mechanical, welding, NDT, structure technical documents

       Knowledge of welding technique ARC-TIG-MIG

       Knowledge of PED directive & requirements ; knowledge of ASME, ANSI codes

       AUTONOMY & ORGANISATION: able to organise his work alone, establish priorities, train himself permanently, able to adapt to different technical and contractual contexts

       ADAPTABILITY: able to adapt to different environments (culture, language, technique, safety)

       COMMUNICATION: able to communicate easily in different languages, have the correct commercial attitude with partner & customer, write letter, reports in English)

       Use of computer tools and Client reporting system (Documentum, Service Now, POS…)

       LEADERSHIP: able to lead a team, analyse and take the lead on correct actions

Work experience :

– Piping expertise and experience in prefabrication workshop and construction site installation 

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