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Subsea Drilling & Completion Supervisor

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The scope of the SERVICE consists

Responsible for the subsea and completion operations on the vessel or rig to ensure operations run without issues.

They are also responsible for managing the offshore personnel, offshore maintenance, and receipt/backload of equipment on the rig.

This SERVICE encompasses the following parts

  • Provision of supervision and operational expertise during well construction and intervention operations. These operations will relate to drilling, completions, interventions or workovers.
  • Compliance with codes of practice, safety and environmental policies.
  • Sole responsibility for the writing and ownership of work intructions.
  • Liaison across subsea and completion superintents to ensure the operations are planned in advance and all parties receive progress reports.
  • Ensuring that subsea operations are carried out in accordance with COMPANY progams, CONTRACTOR procedures, Bridging Documents and work instructions
  • Assisting the COMPANY RSES / onshore superintendents with technical, operational and organization insights.
  • Executing continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Ensuring that HSE procedures and policies are maintained and applied to the offshore operations
  • Ensuring that HSE and development goals and objectives are achieved ;
  • Checking that COMPANY Completion & Subsea operational performance and cost efficiency are fulfilled
  • Training and coaching of COMPANY junior completion & Subsea Supervisors (CADETS).
  • Full control of offshore personnel wrt subsea and completion contractors to deliver the well.
  • Minimize Non-Productive and Invisible Lost Time(s).
  • Supervision of the logistics of offshore subsea & completion personnel and equipment, in order to optimise offshore operations
  • Regular feedback to the COMPANY onshore subsea & completion support team with a view to improve the operations while respecting the safety of personnel and equipment;

Reporting and discussion with the COMPANY onshore subsea & completion superintendent any anomaly detected in order to anticipate potential problems and define adequate solutions;

Required skills and experience for the execution of the SERVICE

  • Very experienced (>7 years) in completion and subsea offshore operations on deepwater developments
  • Extensive operational expertise in lower completion, upper completion, subsea and equipment in an offshore context

Experience of being operator supervisor previously


  • Root Cause Analysis.

IWCF Level 4 or Level 5

NB The scope may vary slightly to adapt position to company requirements.

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