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Project Control Manager

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Missions/Service Dimensions

The Project Control Manager has the responsibility for the full perimeter of the Project control:

  • All contracts (EPCs, Licensing, long term lease agreements, contracts for Field Operations…).
  • Overall value well above the CAPEX value of the Project.
  • The overall budget (LOP/Annual and OPEX).
  • The cost control.
  • HR (>100pers for the Project + field ops personnel).
  • Planning and reporting.
  • Relations with the authorities and our partners.
  • Risk management.
  • ICV (Omanisation of Personnel and local content).
  • Doc Control.
  • IT / offices / logistics and other project services.
  • The service holder’s overall responsibility is to develop and implement an efficient Project Management and
  • Control System, in accordance with Company Rules and Procedures, using the best work practices, with the objective of remaining within the agreed Budget and Schedule.
  • Assists the Project Director in the organization, management, and control of the Project.
  • Act as Deputy Project Director. In particular, he/she shall represent the Project in Oman in the first year post FID until the complete PMT is mobilised in Oman.
  • Manages and motivates subordinates regarding achievement priorities and give them directions for the performance of their duties.
  • Contributes to achievement of the Project planned production start-up date and strict Project Cost control.
  • Manage relationships with the Partners and Authorities during the whole Project duration.
  • Manage the ICV follow-up and reports to authorities at high level.

His is responsible for all the activities relative to services to the Project in the following domains:


  • Several very significant EPSCC contracts are to be administrated during the execution phase, after signature of the contracts, including preparation and negotiation of the Change Orders and facilitating of their approval by Partners, as required. The job holder shall ensure that approved procurement governance process is implemented in the Project including establishment, approval and follow up of contract strategies.
  • Apart from the main EPSCC negotiated during FEED phase several contracts are to be prepared and awarded during the execution phase, including elaboration, and launching of the tenders, negotiation of the contracts, participation to the preparation of the Recommendations to Award and administration of these contracts.

Budget and Cost Control

  • The service holder has the responsibility of preparing the overall investment estimate, with permanent re-evaluation during the execution and annual budgets, as required by Project Management and according to Company rules. An efficient system is to be implemented to closely monitor commitments and expenditures. RFS (Requests for Services) will be closely monitored to facilitate their approval by CG Committee.

Scheduling and Progress Control

  • The job holder has the responsibility of preparing and monitoring the Overall Project Schedule: targets will be defined, and achievements will be monitored. Interface with TEPOD will be particularly monitored.

Project reporting

  • The job holder has the responsibility of implementing and maintaining a reporting system as required by Project Management, Reference Agreements and Company rules.

Human resources administration

  • The job holder has the responsibility of implementing and maintaining an efficient management system for the mobilisation/demobilisation and administration of human resources.

Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Professional Experience (years): 15+
  • Experience in similar position: +10 years’ experience with Projects Cost Control Systems (preferably in Oil/Gas Industry), contracts management, Budget and cost follow-up
  • Experience in a supervisory position
  • Experience operating in Fabrication/Construction yards.
  • Degree qualified in Accounting, Engineering or similar (a Bachelor / Master / MBA degrees is required for the Omani Immigration Work Permit)
  • Technical competencies: High level of understanding of SAP systems and Project requirements in alignment with Project Execution and Handover requirements
  • Sound IT (EXCEL, PowerPoint, PDF) and systems management knowledge.
  • Languages: English (French is a plus)
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