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Junior Driller

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Duration & Location

Starting DateASAP

DurationLong-term, 12-months renewable


Status Residential/Rotational - Flexible

Job Dimension

As part of an increase in Geothermal activities in France, the company is looking to hire experienced drillers to conduct upcoming drilling campaigns.


I ensure that the drilling rig is working properly during my shift, and I keep the well and safety of the well.


I guarantee the safety, control and smooth running of operations during my shift:

  • I respect and enforce the instructions given by the drilling supervisor and site manager
  • I make sure that drilling parameters are correctly applied and that mud characteristics
  • I supervise the implementation of blowout monitoring and remain vigilant to any warning signs of a blowout
  • I draw up work permits and have them validated by the Site Manager.

I am responsible for my team:

  • I ensure compliance with quality, health, safety and environmental rules implemented within the company and on site
  • I manage the organization of work and distribute tasks within my shift
  • I pass on my technical knowledge to the staff I supervise
  • I take part in the assessment of the personnel I supervise and I am involved in their professional development.

I ensure that instructions are passed on to my team and to the relief team during shift changes:

  • I conduct shift briefings to provide my team with a clear picture of upcoming about upcoming operations and make them aware of the risks to be including environmental risks
  • I report to the Site Manager all events occurring during my shift concerning the well or the equipment
  • I fill in the shift report and report all important personal, technical, material and environmental aspects

I respect and abide by the company's general operating rules.


  • No. of lost-time accidents
  • COS Sequoia
  • % Uptime
  • Nbr day dismantling transport assembly of equipment
  • Nbr day test and assembly BOP
  • Nbr environment incident

Qualifications & Experience Required


  • Proven experience as second-in-command
  • Very good knowledge of the drilling rig equipment and the influence of influence of parameters on well performance

Training and certification

  • Highly skilled worker, BAC Pro, BTS or IUT (Technical Degree)
  • IWCF level 3 (level 4 for Sr Driller)
  • First Aid Gesture at the workplace


  • QHSEHSE Coordinator
  • OperationsRig Manager, field teams
  • Service and Warehouse CenterMechanics

External Relations

  • Clients, suppliers, service companies etc…

Hierarchical link

  • Rig Manager
  • Tool Pusher
  • Sr Driller
  • Jr Driller
  • Second in command - Accrocheurs - Sondeurs
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