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The SERVICE of Drilling Methods Engineer encompasses mainly the following parts:

Asset Support:

– Leadership of DIP implementation within an asset "Indicators: Systematic DIP weekly meeting attendance + 2 DIP meetings organized per year + At least one REX to be published"

– Participate to DWOP, CWOP (if require).

– Promote Well barrier implementation in all blocks.


– Take in charge specific engineering studies when required by Asset

Engineering software:

– Support engineering team regarding in-house software Wellmap.

– Follow-up updates or technical improvements.

– Follow-up Wellmap compliance for the affiliate detailing for each well drilled, the status in Wellmap and the QAQC done to ensure consistency of the database.

– Run monthly QAQC on Wellmap database and communicate results.

– Anti-collision  Follow-up surveying and anti-collision subject with DD/MWD companies for all blocks

– Directional Drilling & Tubular Running Services KPI’s Contracts and Procurements

– Prepare Call For Tenders when required.

– Perform regular SAP QA/QC to ensure equipment availability and good data entry from ACT/ATS (Monthly).

– Procurement planning (Consuption forecast for all equipments) "Monthly report"

– Prepare MEMO "Interblock purchase or loan & replace / Purchase + SSJ"

– DCA (Article creation request).

– Service order (Memo, SSJ, DA).

Additional tasks:

– Participate in the preparation and issue of the end of well operations report

– Provide analysis of standard and specific operations, with conclusive reports, supported by collection of operational data

– Provide support to engineers on specific well operations, ensuring the integration of debriefing notes in the specific well programs

– Propose plan forward to minimize recurrent non-productive time.

– Prepare end of phase reports and statistical database monitoring and comparing performance

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