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Contract Engineer

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  • Negotiating and managing framework contracts, tenders and other purchases of goods and services in the field of Exploration and Production; from the analysis of the base of current and potential suppliers or at the request of the business areas of its scope (Production, Development…), with the aim of achieving the best purchasing conditions in quality, time, and costs, ensuring optimal support for the viability and continuity of the business/operations.
  • Draft purchasing strategy, Algeria projects specifications, negotiate and advise on purchasing contracts and/or strategic purchases through the execution of bidding processes from start to finish.
  • Coordinate the complete purchasing management process ensuring its correct execution according to the budgeted costs, the required quality and within the agreed deadline.
  • Follow up the life cycle of contracts reached with suppliers.
  • Control and supervise the preparation of the necessary documentation for the execution of the purchasing processes, including strategy and award proposal.
  • To monitor and control the annual purchasing plan and the bidding program within its scope of action.
  • Analyze the best alternatives for the procurement of the products or services requested.
  • Manage the search for potential suppliers, as well as promote the relationship with existing suppliers, participating in their approval.
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