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Consolidation & Reporting: Technical/Support.

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Prepare, analyze and report under Consolidation & Report’s orientation of planned, actual’s economic/financial information, ad-hoc studies of E&P business unit for stakeholders guaranteeing the homogeneity and comparability of the data according with internal and corporate procedures

General Responsabilities

  • Role model on support and communicate for the implementation of QHSE culture
  • Prepare and consolidate jointly with Consolidation & Report the 5 year’s plan (includes budget) ensuring the coherence of the economic/financial information of different Assets and E&P Divisions according with internal and Corporate procedures. Support on the preparation of the annual plan dossier for the economic/financial information
  • Prepare and support on the consolidation of E&P analytic information (P/L, FCF, sales, production, etc.), budget deviation analysis and financial risk identification. Support Consolidation & Reporting on the: Pre-Closing , Closing, Monthly Meeting, Business Review, Monthly Report, Comex, impairment, ad-hoc studies and projects, etc
  • Prepare consolidation at E&P level the estimations (monthly and annual forecast, etc..) of P/L and FCF according with Consolidation & Reporting guidelines
  • Prepare and support Consolidation & Reporting on the follow-up of the annual KPI’s for objectives proposes and economic/financial Kpi’s according with business management performance procedure
  • Support Consolidation & Reporting on is Homeroom’s role in the elaboration of procedures/models/formats of planned and actual analytic information analysis as a standard ensuring the automation, integrity and comparability.
  • Maintenance of BPC, KPI’s tableau, etc.. of planned and actual analytic information under Consolidation & Reporting supervision

Key Processes To Own

  • Business Plan
  • Forecast elaboration
  • Reporting Elaboration
  • Annual KPI’s
  • Management Performance
  • BPC/KPI’s Tableau maintenance/development
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