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Chief Rig Mechanic

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The Mechanic is an experienced mechanic who has:

o   a higher technical diploma in mechanics or 3 years experience as a chief mechanic a drilling or work-over rig

o   proven training and in-depth knowledge of drilling and/or workover rigs

o   experience in maintaining a TDS

o   English and technical French mastered


He reports to the site manager


1.         Responsibilities of the mechanic


·       The Mechanic works under the orders of the Site Manager and establishes with him the maintenance, overhaul and repair programs for the equipment and keeps the documents specific to his function.

·       He is responsible for the operation of the mechanical and electrical installation.

·       He reports daily to the Site Manager on the work performed and informs him immediately of any mechanical or electrical incidents that may have an influence on the drilling and/or workover program.

·       It recommends possible improvements to the drilling and/or servicing rigs.

·       Directly responsible for the mechanical part of the site, he/she ensures the proper functioning of the equipment, its routine and preventive maintenance and its good conservation by ensuring an economically sound management of it.

·       Maintains an adequate supply of spare parts.

·       He directs, distributes and controls the work of the mechanics in his yard.

·       He assists the Site Manager in promoting a team spirit and a favorable work atmosphere.

·       He participates in maintaining discipline on the site, in promoting the "safety" spirit and in respecting the rules relating to it.

·       He is responsible for the training of his own staff and participates with the Site Manager in its assessment, he must instill in the rest of the staff the mechanical knowledge necessary for drilling operations and / or Workover.

·       He takes advantage of every opportunity to keep abreast of new techniques and to maintain and perfect his general knowledge so that he is always in a position to perform his duties on any site.


2.         Coordination of the HSEQ plan

 The Mechanic assists the Site Manager in his role as Safety Coordinator on the site. In particular:


1.1.    Grounding

The Mechanic supervises and controls the grounding of all devices and containers placed in the perimeter of the site.


1.2.    Audit

1 audit operation per month at least.


1.3.    Work permit

–          List of work that requires a work permit.

–          Ensure that the required permits are applied for.


1.4.    Safety exercises

–          Make a schedule of exercises.

–          Remind the Site Manager when the time comes.

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