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Drilling Tool Pusher

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The Tool Pusheris an experienced executive with proven training and in-depth knowledge of drilling and workover techniques, and the ability to manage a drilling and/or workover site in rotation with other Tool Pushers.

1. General Security

At the beginning of each shift, a safety meeting will be held and organized in turn by all personnel. This safety meeting will be written down and recorded in the notebook provided for this purpose in order to have a support for the modifications of procedure.

2. Responsibilities of the Tool Pusher

Report to the Operations Manager.

2.1. Representative of the Company

  • To ensure the smooth running of the work site entrusted to him/her.
  • Ensure the safety and health of employees at the workstation and the protection of the environment on the site.
  • Make immediate decisions regarding team members.
  • Act as SMP's point of contact with staff and third parties.
  • Report daily to his/her superiors on the progress of the site and its technical, commercial and administrative progress.

Carry out the instructions received and ensure that they are applied within the framework of the objectives that have been set.

2.2. Senior Drilling and/or Workover Technician

  • Organize rig crew activities according to established schedule.
  • In the event of a serious incident, intervene with the Station Manager, decide on the measures to be taken and advise his superiors.

Maintain and perfect his general knowledge in order t o be able t o validly occupy his position of Site Manager on any operation.

2.3. Tool Pusher

  • To ensure that maximum efficiency and profitability are achieved at all times.
  • Ensure that all site documents or reports are maintained and sent.
  • To manage the Company's assets by ensuring the proper conservation of the same.
  • Recommend possible improvements and modifications to the installation.
  • Supervise its personnel during the entire period of execution of the work

Ensure that all necessary permits are obtained for the execution of the work.

2.4. Responsible for the personnel assigned to the site

  • Ensure that a team spirit and a healthy work environment are created. To ensure the active participation of its personnel in the life of the site.
  • Ensure discipline on the site, promotion of the spirit of safety and respect of the rules relating to it.
  • Periodically appraise the staff under his/her command and help each one to progress to the best of his/her ability.
  • Ensure the proper execution of personnel training programs and assign only authorized personnel to the site
  • Manage your subcontractors

Explain the prevention measures to the intervening personnel of his team

3. Coordination of the HSEQ plan

The Tool Pusher implements the company HSEQ plan on the sites. He is guided by a Safety Coordinator. He replaces the Safety Coordinator in his absence. He provides him with continuous support on the following points:

3.1. SAR Program

Encourage staff to use SAR.

3.2. Pre-job meeting ("PJM")

Ensure that PJMs are properly prepared and completed using existing procedures.

3.3. Safety meeting on site

Ensure that each meeting is commented on to all site personnel.

3.4. Work permit

  • Sign the client's work permits.
  • Ensure that the required internal work permits are applied for.
  • Ensure that the instructions given in the work permit are applied
3.5. Safety training

Follow the situation of the people concerning the compulsory security training.

3.6. Safety exercises

Participate in safety drills.

3.7. HSEQ Plan

  • Review monthly the implementation of the HSEQ plan and propose changes to company management.

Participate in the identification of risks and the definition of prevention measures

3.8. Drafting of the quarterly report

Provide quarterly report items to company management.

3.9. Relationship with the staff

  • Listen to the staff, take into account their remarks, solicit their opinion to make them participate actively in the security program.
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