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Contract Manager

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Work Location : La Défense - Paris - France / Remote (3 days in office every 2 weeks)

Start : ASAP

Contract : 12 Months Renewable

Position Requirements

  • 5-8 years of experience in managing contracts
  • Fluency in English is mandatory
  • French is a plus
  • Experience in an offshore environment (Wind preferred)

1- Scope of Work

The service provided by the Contractor will follow the project breakdown and will cover the following:

  • Lead variations and claim management
  • Prepare the Contractual and Commercial Register for the applicable contract, with a
  • weekly follow up and management of the contractual payment schedule.
  • Pro-actively anticipate and avoid unexpected claims in Package’s Contract(s).
  • Pro-active contract management and claim negotiations including resolution of
  • issues/disputes for Contract(s).
  • Manage and update overview of Variations, Claims & Claims register, amendments to the
  • contract, Notices from Contractor(s).
  • Manage pricing and commercial consequences associated with other contracts, in close
  • collaboration with other Contractual Managers
  • Participate in contractual execution management and administration
  • Perform commercial management of contracts in cooperation with Foundation Package
  • Manager
  • Ensure Foundation’s Contractor(s) acts in accordance with Contractual terms and
  • conditions.
  • Assess impact of technical decisions and consequent actions, defining actions along
  • execution of the Package works.
  • Manage and follow up of contractual payment schedule and applications for payment with
  • analysis of contractual impacts on future commitments and associated risks
  • Manage pricing, commercial and contractual consequences associated with other
  • contracts, in close collaboration with other Contracts Managers
  • Ensure both Package team and the Contractor(s) meet all contractual obligations, in
  • accordance with contractual terms and conditions.

2- Deliverables

  • The following deliverables shall be issued by the Service Provider to the Employer:
    • - Contractual and Commercial Register,
    • - Contractor’s Request Proposal Form
    • - Variation orders
    • - Monthly progress report for the Foundation Package
    • - Minutes of Meetings
    • - Weekly status reports
    • - Assessment reports and other reports as necessary during the project.
    • - Contractual and Commercial Notes,
    • - Signed-off presence sheets where the Service is delivered,
  • - Monthly activity reports, in accordance with Monthly Activity Report or
    • otherwise instructed by Employer’s representative, including:
      • Annex1: register of deliverables issued during the reference month
      • Annex2: presence sheet.

3- Requirements for the execution of the Service

In critical situations where review times can have a large impact on the project execution and potentially cause delays, it is expected from the Service provider to ensure a high flexibility and commitment to perform the required reviews within the shortest time possible.

In addition:

- The Service Provider shall comply as a minimum with:

o Local health and safety regulatory and statutory requirements,

o Specific health and safety requirements applicable at Related Contractors’ sites

(fabrication yards, quays, vessels, office…) where the Services are delivered,

o Any health and safety requirements instructed by the Employer’s representative.

In particular, the Service Provider shall not perform any Services in unsafe conditions and

shall immediately report to Employer’s representative any unsafe situation.

- The Service Provider shall provide to all its contracts managers all the necessary materials for the performance of the Services (computers, personal protective equipment, cell phone…)

4- Participation to Meetings & Workshops

In order to ensure a continuous communication between the Employer and the Service Provider, a series of meetings will be organised by Employer throughout the duration of the Contract. Attendance and participation to these meetings will be key to ensure communication and alignment between the parties.

5- Coordination Meetings

Among the recurrent meetings organised by Employer, the Service Provider Contract management team will be requested to attend to monthly coordination meetings. These meetings will aim at:

  • Measuring performance of the Contract execution,
  • Holding discussions on challenges, difficulties, lessons learnt,
  • From time to time, the coordination meetings could be face-to-face meetings held in the Employer’s offices in Paris-La Défense. However, if jointly agreed, those meetings will normally be held through conference call or teleconference call.


  • The agenda of coordination meetings is at this stage preliminary and will be fine-tuned all along contract execution,
  • The frequency of these meetings may vary (increased, decreased or even suspended) during periods when exchanges do not seem to be necessary.

6- Adhoc Meetings & Workshops

  • In addition, various ad-hoc meetings or workshops will also take place. If Employer judges it relevant, the Service Provider will be requested to attend to these ad-hoc meetings.
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