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FSV Night/Day Supervising Services

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Scope of the SERVICE:

The services consist in coordinating and ensuring a sound liaison between the Offshore Manager of the , FSV and all contractors’ working on board. The services consist also in coordinating and controlling that the work performed by COMPANY’S contractors on base is performed within the Company standards specifications.

Guarantee good performance of works in compliance with procedures, and with safety & environment criteria, while optimizing costs and lead times. Ensure a technical auditing function over service providers and construction personnel.

Technical activities Services:

– Implements of COMPANY’S policies and rules within the different contractor’s team at work and particularly the COMPANY’S HSEMS (HSE Management System);

– HSE Activities:

  • Control that working area is fit for the work,
  • Control HSE equipment and installation are fit and in working conditions,
  • Control that resources and regular drills for handling emergency response are fit and available,
  • Participation in HSE committee and COMPANY’S emergency response organisation,
  • Reporting of incident, anomaly, unsafe act, near miss, damage spill, injury etc.,
  • Analysis and investigation of accident or incident that might have occurred and initiation of the resulting corrective.

– Assist the Offshore Manager.

– Anticipate and organise the activities on board to ensure the operations continuity.

– Witness on-board set-up of new pieces of equipment required for sub-sea installation and pipelaying.

– Get familiar with all installation procedures including main installation engineering data.

– Assist Offshore Manager on board in his tasks, advise him about any important issues.

– When Offshore Manager is not available, be in charge of hour to hour supervision.

– Check Installation Contractor conformance to procedures all along operations.

– Assist Offshore Manager in technical and SAFETY data collection along daily operations.

– Assist Offshore Manager in checking Daily Status Report is in line with actual sequence of events and requirements.

– Assist Main Offshore Manager in all queries from Company specialists about offshore installation, HSE and quality achievement.

– Make sure that all necessary information is conveyed to Offshore Manager.

– Organize filing of data collection at office on board.

– Fill-up Safety feed-back report.

– Notify Offshore Manager of any conflict.

– In case of weather downtime conditions and more precisely W.O.W conditions, make his own judgment.

– Assist Offshore Manager in building up judgment.

– Evaluate the performance of each specific installation piece of equipment and make sure required needs are secured.

– Assist Offshore Manager in all specific queries from Company specialists, make sure they are in line with reference document, specifications and if no, report to Main Representative. Main matters of concern shall be safety, QC conformance, ROV and fast-winch operability.

– Anticipate of any potential conflict due to specific material, access to site co-ordination, contract, and specifications.

– Report any Contractor major decision and/or notification relative to installation activities and site access.

– Assist Offshore Manager to make a brief daily report to Operation Manager with personnel


– Organize and minute job site meetings that may be required during job performance.

Inspection and Control activities Services:

– Inspection and control of the WORK execution in all respect of the procedures, specifications, safety and environmental protection;

– Proactive detection of potential problems/issues/concerns to ensure delivery within schedule and planning.

Communication activities Services:

– Report to the Offshore Manager of the progress of the work performed.

– Report to the project manager the vessel is working for.

– Take advice from specialist / assistant about any anticipated or occurring problems

Quality feature of the SERVICE;

– At least 10 years of experience in offshore oil & gas construction as a deck foreman or ROV

superintendent on construction vessels.

– Subsea construction or operations engineer can be considered with significant offshore and subsea construction experience.

– English language must be well spoken/written, Portuguese and French would be a plus.

– Work in rotational periods (approx 5 weeks on 5 weeks off with a 2 days handover period).

– Be available 24/24h to cope with emergency and operational requirements.



NB: The scope may vary slightly to adapt position to company requirements.

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