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Control Engineer

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The Control Engineer will:

·      Be responsible for controlling and coordinating safety activities across the Company’s portfolio of sites, up to and including 400kV voltage level. This will include preparation and approval of switching schedules, and the instruction and confirmation of safety precautions to achieve safety from the system.

·      Support the Operations Manager and Operations Director in the day-to-day operations of the business, aiding in the management of company resources and logistics to ensure that the operational demands of the business are met.

·      Be responsible for ensuring that the processes, systems and Equipment required to service the control room are fit for purpose. Where update or changes are need the Control Engineer will manage these and present business cases as required.

·      The Control Engineer will have a Management Responsibility for the 24/7 Surveillance Team, 


·    Support the out-of-hours standby Rota as required and participate on a shift rota which will include the requirement to work on certain weekends.


The Control Engineer will have responsibilities in the following 4 areas.

1.     Customers

·      Supports the Company through developing and maintaining a strong relationship with Clients and ensuring that the highest quality service is delivered, while managing customer expectations and seeking improvements with the use of customer feedback. 

·      Ensure  customer  interfaces  are  managed  effectively and in  a  manner  that  promotes  the  best  interests  of the  Company  at  all  times.

·      Aiding the management of resources and  logistics  to  meet  the  day  to  day  field  operational  requirements  of the  business  across  the  portfolio.

·      Assist with the development of project specific planning and management.

2.     Financials

·      Supporting the Operations Manager and Finance in capturing and communicating required information to ensure timely and accurate invoicing.

·      Operating with a proactive approach to identify to the Company possible variations to existing contracts and/or new opportunities.

3.     Employees

  • Develop and mentor junior engineering staff.
  • Manage operational personnel performance  to  ensure  day  to  day  activities  are  performed  in  a safe  and  efficientmanner.
  • Aid in the management and development of Surveillance personnel  to  ensure  day  to  day  activities  are  performed  in  an effective  and  efficient  manner

4.     Processes

  • Operate as a Control Person under the company and specific Clients Electrical and Mechanical Safety Rules, to achieve Safety from the System. 
  • Support the Operations of the business in co-ordination of activities to deliver work programs.
  • Support and aid the production of technical documentation.
  • Participate in standby cover to support the Company’s Fault and Emergency Services. 
  • Support the Company’s internal Quality Assessment program by assisting in the auditing of Safety Documentation.
  • Assist with the review and  development  of  the company and/or  Client’s  Safety  Rules.

Primary target and KPI's:

  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Support Company in achieving stated KPIs.
  • SONAR – Support reporting processes by regularly identifying opportunities for improvement, and ensuring near misses, safety observations etc. are reported

Direct reports and internal interfaces:

  • Operations Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Fault and Emergency Manager
  • Principle Engineer
  • Senior Authorised Persons


  • Experience operating as a Senior Authorised Person or experience operating as a Control Person.
  • Experience in the implementation of High Voltage safety precautions.
  • Experience in Fault response, location and repair management.
  • Third level qualification in Electrical Engineering related discipline.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly adaptable person, aiding in supporting rapid growth and demands of the business.
  • An electrical background. Ideally from experience working with an electricity company or on a renewables project.
  • Basic electrical qualification/s. Doesn’t need to be a university degree!
  • French and English speaking (Fluent)
  • Willing to learn and understand UK electrical safety rules (the safety rules are stringent procedures and rules that aim to guarantee electrical safety throughout the life of the wind farm. Learning them require a good command of English and an ability to learn complex procedures)
  • Willing to work nightshifts, weekends and bank holidays.
  • Willing to accept a 12-15 month contract.
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