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Algiers Security Coordinator (ASC)

Referencia : 2930

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 14/14 Day Rotational Basis


The main task of the ASC is to ensure the protection and security of the company's employees in Algeria, as well as the integrity and security of the UNEAR (Unidad de Negocio de España y Argelia) Business Unit installations and assets in the country.



ASC responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Assist the ASM in planning, management and control of UNEAR security in Algeria.

• Execute other actions related to the planning, control and management of security commended by the ASM.

• Assist the ASM in the administrative work.

• Execute the responsibilities assigned in the Country Security Plan.

• Assist the ASM in the budgets planning, management and control.

• Report to the ASM on the security situation.

• Prepare the daily POB of UNEAR personnel.

• Prepare monthly statistics of security situation in Algeria.

• Register and report to the ASM all security incidents, carrying out proper investigations.

• Under the direction of the ASM, conduct inspections and security risk assessments to installations (hotels, offices, congress centers, …) to be used by Repsol employees, when needed. 

Keep updated the inventory of security equipment and ensure proper maintenance.

• Keep contact with the ASM and OLC , sharing information that can help to prevent security incidents.

• Liaison with public and private security forces to ensure the security of Repsol employees and compliance with security regulations.

• Liaison with Security personnel of other companies related to the client's business.

• Comply with all standards, policies and instructions of the client's HSE department.

• Impart Security Induction and training to Repsol employees and contractors, when needed.

• Under the direction of the ASM, execute the planning and control of UNEAR expatriates’ movements within the country.

• Keep continuous track of all UNEAR expatriate’s location.

• Coordinate all movements within the country to ensure the availability of necessary escorts and transport.

• Under the direction of the ASM, manage the Security Emergency Response Plan.

• Review and keep up to date the Country Security Plan and UNEAR Expatriates Evacuation Plan, as well as any other security related documentation.

• Conduct security drills as detailed in the Country Security Plan and UNEAR Expatriates Evacuation Plan.

• Coordinate periodic tests of emergency and evacuation alarms in coordination with the building owner.


• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in public or private security forces

• Previous experience such as Security Coordinator or similar is desirable.

• Medium – high level (equivalent to CEFR level B2, or above) of Arabic and/or French, plus English and/or Spanish.

• User-level knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams).

• HEAT Training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) certified is desirable.

• First aid training certified is desirable.

• Knowledge in security risk assessment and management methodologies (HAZID, Mosler, others).

• Training and experience in crisis and emergency management is desirable.

• Negotiation and conflict management skills.

• Ability to manage relationships with third parties and communities

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