Referencia : 3020


Contract Duration: 12 Months


  • Set common standards for the sourcing of materials and services across the company's projects.
  • Manage the different requisitions forms received from either the client's sites project management team by order of priority / Emergency.
  • Check if suppliers are referenced in the client's Supplier data base and submit the KYS documents for signature, concerning new suppliers, an evaluation is performed to ensure they are compliant with all applicable legal requirements and the client's guidelines relating to labor, environment, health and safety.
  • Negotiate goods and services prices to have the best quality goods delivered on site on time.
  • Apply the EPE sourcing (Direct/Indirect Buy) processes for goods and services and make sure all sites are committed to it.
  • Perform the WF for purchase orders creation.
  • Follow up the sourcing process from the submission of PO’s till the delivery of goods/Services on site.
  • Following up the quality of services provided through the signature of a receipt of the service provided approved by the site manager.
  • Suppliers and products qualification and approval by client when needed.
  • Ensure the delivery of goods on sites through the signature of the bill of receipt by the site material manager.
  • Receive, copy and scan invoice prior to their submission to finance department.
  • Apply the company's way match process for invoices received and follow their status until Payment is proceeded to inform suppliers.
  • Maintaining master spread sheet for all PO’s raised and invoices received.
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