Core Specialist

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 4×4




·      The Sedimentologist will report directly to Company’s Ops Geologist, and he/she will perform a description and documentation of the whole amount of the core, covering all ages at a 1:200 scale or even less. In the description, the candidate will include any lithology (including thin beds), sedimentary structures, bioturbation, etc… as well as and facies interpretation (schematic and electronic format)

·      The specialist will do smaller scale description and documentation of selected sandy intervals at a 1:50 or 1:20 scale, as necessary to capture any possible heterogeneity.

·      The candidate will create Wellcad Panels, or any other software, with the core description, core photos and core logs from scanning and he/she will integrate his/her work with the done previously by Company.

·      The Sedimentologist will update the depositional model as necessary, using any depositional available model and provide a short summary of implications for Reservoir Properties.

·      The prepared/analysed samples from the rigsite will be delivered at the end of the well to the company's Operations Geologist. It is expected to follow up COMPANY logistics procedure.

·      Contractor should specify any needed of materials, equipment and software licenses and be clearly itemized in the financial matrix.

·      The Sedimentologist will produce a Final Field Report, including description 1:200 of full core, and detail descriptions as written in this section, at 1:20 scale. Also, the candidate will produce Wellcad panels (as mentioned before) and reflect everything in a presentation (based on Power Point from Microsoft office).

·      Personnel shall have good communication skills to provide either feedback to 3rd party representatives or COMPANY’s one.

·      Personnel will vacate the work site according to good oil field practices and destroy all confidential documents.





·      CONTRACTOR’s core sedimentologist Specialist shall have a PhD in Geology/Earth Science and demonstrate very good skills in core description at the basin of the adherence country. All the candidates must to have a minimum requirement: 10 years of experience.

·      The Sedimentologist may work at the rigsite (onshore/offshore), or at any Company facility where the core will be. For thus, it is required to have up to date any possible VISA, permit to work and HSE certifications including any onshore/offshore HSE training (BOSIET),

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