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Senior Drilling Supervisor

Réf : 2940

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Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 4×4

Reports to Drilling and Completion Manager


The Sr. Drilling Supervisor is the highest ranking representative on the rig. Control, coordinate and supervise operations in the field, detecting and adjusting any possible deviations, taking into consideration Safety and Environment policies in accordance with the well construction programs.

Mandatory Requirements

· Leader on rig operations with high commitment to HSE in Drilling and Completion operations

· Minimum of 20 years of experience in positions related with Drilling operations and at least 15 years of experience as Drilling Supervisor.

· Broad knowledge of drilling operations with proven track record on this

· Well Control certificate for Onshore Supervisors (Level 4)

· Fluent in English (spoken and written).

Required Qualifications

· Good technical and operational understanding of drilling and completion.

· Competency to plan, problem solve, organize, direct, and control

· Knowledge of international industry standards ideally acquired while working for a large international operator.

· Proven understanding and application of continuous improvement processes

· Leadership skills in a diverse geographic and cultural environment

· Rig-site and supervisory skills

· Good communication skills and a team work player

· Ability to write and implement procedures and risk analysis.

· Good data management and computer literacy. Knowledge of any data base drilling software (Openwells)

· Effective time management and strong organizational skills - must be able to balance competing priorities, complex situations and deadlines

Desired Qualifications

· A fluent French language skill will be well regarded.

Soft Skills

· Demonstrable safety leadership skills

· Effective team-player, able to work unsupervised

· Focused on delivering results to a consistently high standard, fully complying with company processes and standards

· Strong interpersonal skills; able to effectively work within a skilled, multi-cultural team

· Able to work effectively with 3rd party suppliers and contractors and build constructive working relationships with business partners

· Excellent time management skills; able to prioritize tasks and deliver on-time

· Excellent written and oral communication skills, fluent in English

· Clear and concise report writing skills



Control, coordinate and supervise operations in the field, detecting and adjusting any possible deviations, taking into consideration Safety and Environment policies in accordance with the well construction programs.

The Sr. Drilling Supervisor is the highest-ranking representative on the rig.


· Effectively supervise well-site activities, ensuring safe and efficient implementation of the well program and achievement of the well and project objectives in accordance with authority requirements and Company's mandatory documents, objectives and strategies.

· Supervise all activities HSE and maximum responsible for the rig site HSE. Ownership of the HSE on the rig.

· Available 24 hours a day for supervision of all operations at the rig site

· Control the critical parameters for detecting operational deviations and implementing any necessary actions for managing changes in the well.

· Verify that critical safety-control elements have passed the integrity test and certifications.

· Coordinate the availability of equipment, tools and supplies in order to ensure the implementation of the program and operational continuity.

· Coordinate the emergency-response plan at the well and any emergency drills.

· The daily planning, coordination and reporting of the operations during the scheduled work period.

· Perform quality control of the personnel arriving at the rig and utilize the competence within the rig company and the service companies in order to ensure a coordinated, safe and effective operation.

· Coordinate, supervise and certify services at the well. As certain that the work performed and the delivered services and equipment have the quality required.

· Take care of Company's responsibilities related to supervision of the rig maintenance system, and through inspections ascertain that the rig owner attends to his responsibilities.

· Give contributions to the Drilling Operations Engineer related to selection of equipment/services, and make sure that these are ordered and delivered in due time.

· Responsible with the Drilling Superintendent of Well Control Events. Must have updated Well Control Certificate.

· Reporting and handling of dispensations and non-conformances according to established procedures.

· Coordinate the overall execution of the drilling program and oversee well related operations.

· To carry out risk assessment of each particular operation and communicate to the operation personnel, and co-ordinate the emergency-response plan and any emergency drills in the operations

· Interface with Toolpusher to ensure that all safety precautions are taken in the execution of activities on the rig site.

· Ensure that all work programs are carried out according to the appropriate standards, and in a timely manner.

· Route any proposed changes to the work program through the Management of Change procedure.

· Ensure verification of integrity of Safety Critical Elements.

· Ensure HSE Bridging and interface document requirements are met, including training and safety meetings.

· Ensure the ERP is kept up-to-date and drills are held regularly.

· In conjunction with contractor’s Rig Superintendent, ensure that all items from rig integrity inspections are addressed and corrected within the defined timeframe.

· Participate in HSE meetings and inspections.

· Rig approval of the DDR and the KPIs data sent to Company offices. Ensure timely and accurate reporting of well-site activities and maintain and report accurate field costs

· To ensure that the proper procedure is followed to authorise changes to or deviations from the official work programme

· To ensure that incidents are investigated and reported in Synergi as per Company standards and time.

· To immediately report any unsafe conditions or activities, dangerous occurrences, or injuries in the workplace(s)

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