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Operations & Maintenance Engineer

Réf : 3035

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Manage all the Maintenance Operations Process in RNAS Assets, this includes the Administrative, Control, Planning, Execution and Optimization processes of Maintenance Operations.

This position will ensure the efficient execution of maintenance activities (preventive plans and corrective interventions) with the highest safety standards, meeting all safety requirements defined by the government entities and the Company. Will also manage and track performance of contracts and services under maintenance responsibility, aiming to optimize budget expenditure.

Position Overview and Responsibilities

This position requires some entries to the platform to interact with the offshore team. It is permanently located in the Operations Center.

Maintenance Administration Tasks

• Comply with the Client Operating Manual for Operated Assets.

• Knows and understands the global maintenance philosophy of client E&P and the specific one of Norway assets.

• Knows and understands the global operations philosophy of client E&P and the specific one of Norway assets.

• Focal point of any modification that needs to be done to the master data.

• When applicable, approves the purchase of spare parts and services requirements according to the limits established by RNAS. Contract holder of maintenance service contracts.

• Focal point of Maintenance Operations regarding collaboration with minor projects for modifications and/or installation of new equipment.

Maintenance Control Tasks

• Monitor maintenance KPIs and verify the level of compliance according to the established targets. Coordinates and decides the priorities based on the analysis performed in the Operations Center.

• Ensure the quality of the information in the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) by keeping updated and the KPIs. Identify additional metrics and KPIs to complement IAMS information to optimize plant availability.

• Assure proper backlog analysis and define an action plan to improve the backlog levels according to the BU targets

• Assure the correct identification of the deferment associated to Maintenance to ensure its right category allocation. In addition, ensures that the SAP PM notifications were properly allocated in Energy Components for the maintenance related deferments.

• Follow up Maintenance and associated (Logistics) Costs monthly.

Maintenance Planning Tasks

• Provide the necessary inputs to the Maintenance Engineering team (BU) to prepare the Annual Budget based on the 1-year MMMP and/or the Long-Range Plan.

• Provides the necessary inputs to Maintenance Engineering (BU) to prepare the annual turnaround/shutdown plan.

• Coordinates and ensures all the necessary resources, spare parts and manpower for the turnaround/shutdown annual plan provided by Maintenance Engineering (BU).

• Participates in the daily operations center meeting and provide the necessary feedback based of the performance of the operation. Decides the priorities and communicates them to the field based on the Operations Center analysis.

• Act over the bottlenecks identified by the Maintenance Planner to ensure the optimum execution of the 1Y-MMMP.

• participate in the job hiring process and the purchase of materials.

• Supervise and monitor work during unit downtime, in accordance with quality, safety, and environmental protection standards, analyzing the progress of the programs in place.

Maintenance Execution Tasks

• Lead and promote the proper quality of the execution of the work in the asset (optimum lifecycle of the WO) and the corresponding information in the CMMS

• Provide support for any risk assessment or other operative requirement from the offshore team.

Maintenance Optimization Tasks

• Leads the analysis of the tasks lists related to preventive maintenance and propose changes based on historical data.

• Evaluates opportunities for optimization of the maintenance tasks (Resources, spare parts, etc.).

• Assess maintenance strategies and identify initiatives to improve availability and reduce deferments, improve reliability and reduce costs.

• Accomplish with the common processes related to Management of Change and the delegated activities from HSE, Information Management, etc


• Stay updated with company cyber policies and procedures and promote the importance of cyber security to team.

• Complete yearly general cyber security training as well as cybersecurity training for industrial control systems

Qualifications, Education and Experience

• Background: Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Electronic or similar.

• 10 years in maintenance management in oil and gas facilities.

• Familiar with SAP PM package.

• Familiar with Office 365 package and other tools supporting new ways of working in RNAS.

• Should have a background in scheduling and planning in maintenance, knowledge of the MoC process and tools and a strong understanding of HSE regulations.

Non-technical Competencies

CommunicationMust be able to proactively get the key message across to the organization and to other stakeholders and communicate clearly, both written and orally, in English and Norwegian.

Interpersonal Skills Must be able to effectively deal with a range of persons, teams, and organizations both internally and externally. Must be able to learn new systems and be organized and structured in the approach. Must be proactive and collaborative towards other functions and stakeholders.

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